Would anybody “like” a fluffy buttercream frosted gingerbread house, freshly baked apple pie or peach cookies with a cup of foggy and dirty drinking water?


I think that the King Arthur Flour brand is very effective. A goal of businesses on Instagram is to generate sales. By posting photographs of food with their products, it makes their products appear more attractive to the viewer. I think that everyone loves looking at food, and King Arthur Flour enhances the way followers perceive their business by using freshly baked and perfectly made desserts in their photos. I think that it is interesting that the photographs change with the seasons. King Arthur Flour features photos of perfectly crafted gingerbread houses during Christmastime. King Arthur Flour posted a photograph of an apple pie dusted with white cane sugar next to a pile of apples.

In this apple photograph, the brand King Arthur Flour utilizes the rule of thirds. There are apples by most of the cross points and intersections. The brand utilizes the whole space in the photograph. The viewer’s eye follows the apples which are purposefully arranged in an arc formation, and this arrangement draws the viewer to the final picture of the apple pie in the upper right corner.

For this photograph, maybe they were advertising pie pans and suggesting desserts for people to make during apple season. Or, they could be showing ways for Instagram followers to utilize the flour that they sell.

This is the apple picture. I put quadrants on it, and I divided it to show the rule of thirds. Credit: King Arthur Flour

In addition, the reader can tell that the other photographs are purposefully arranged and designed creatively .

In the summertime, peaches are featured for this Instagram post from King Arthur Flour.

In this photograph, for instance, my eye follows the peach cookies that are aligned in a diagonal formation. There is a cookie on each cross section — places where the eye tends to look at first.  Then, after looking at the cookies, my eye is immediately drawn to the peach at the cross section in the upper right. Finally, the bowl of sugar is placed in the bottom right hand side of the photograph. The sugar is the item I look at last.

For this photograph, maybe they were trying to advertise baking sheets and suggest recipes that one could make with their products.


In contrast to King Arthur Flour’s perfectly made desserts, Neverthirst posted a photograph of two glasses of water.

In this photograph, the Instagram follower immediately understands the role and purpose of Neverthirst. The glass with dirty water on the left is juxtaposed beside the glass of clear water on the right with the phrase “1,000 FILTERS FUNDED!” superimposed over the glasses. I think that this Instagram post is effective because it shows the social justice work that Neverthirst is doing in the world. It was a very good idea to literally show the viewer what Neverthirst does for its clients with the glasses of water. The Bio Sand Filters are helping “over 5,000 people” obtain clean and safe drinking water in the country of Cambodia.

By showing their social justice work in an Instagram post, Neverthirst builds brand awareness. Instagram followers who see this Instagram post might become inspired to donate money to Neverthirst so that this nonprofit can fund more filters to further its cause and mission in the world.


I learned that posting an excellent photograph on Instagram is very important. The photograph should be eye-catching, but not nondescript and mediocre. There are so many filters to use on Instagram to enhance one’s photograph, so businesses should use these filters to their advantage.

I really liked that the King Arthur Flour photos were carefully planned. You could tell that the photographer put a lot of work into each photograph. It was not something that they did on the spur of the moment. For instance, you could tell that each food dish was made to perfection. Also, I liked that the lighting of the King Arthur Flour photographs were very bright and vibrant. This bright lighting of the photos creates a positive mood in the photograph. The King Arthur Flour photographs almost look like something you would see in a food recipe magazine.

I also learned that posting the product that your business produces on Instagram is very important. For instance, because of the effective photograph that Neverthirst posted, the Instagram user instantly knows that Neverthirst’s goal is to help provide clean drinking water to people in underdeveloped countries. I also learned that it is important to share examples of your work. Otherwise, why should I, as an Instagram user, care about Neverthirst? By showing Instagram users the work that Neverthirst engages in, this nonprofit effectively gets its message across to its followers. With the fantastic photograph of the two glasses of water, Neverthirst’s followers get to see that the donations of money are allocated towards providing filters for clean drinking water to people in underdeveloped countries. Hopefully, this photograph of the two glasses of water will encourage Neverthirst’s 1,440 followers to donate money to this nonprofit’s cause. I’ll drink to that! But I wouldn’t want to drink foggy and dirty water to that. 🙂



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