The time I helped KITTEN lead singer Chloe Chaidez with her Chemistry homework, and she even invited me to her mansion in LA

“Kitten Edgefest FC Dallas Stadium 4/27/13” by Alexa Stickler is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

I was a sophomore in high school, and someone in my art class told me about this band called KITTEN.

I looked up the band and played their songs. I noticed that the lead singer, Chloe Chaidez, was mutual friends with that person in my art class on Facebook.

So, I decided to add her as a friend on Facebook too.

One time, Chaidez posted that she needed help with her Chemistry homework.

I thought, “I’m taking Chemistry, maybe I can help her?”

So, I private messaged her and said that I was taking Chemistry and offered to help her out with her homework.

To my astonishment, she replied back to me, and I helped her via Facebook message with her homework.

She said that she did online high school because she was on tour a lot.

After I finished helping  her, she even invited me to her mansion to help tutor her one-on-one.

I told her, “Thank you so much! But, I live in Omaha, Nebraska, so I don’t even live by you.”

The next day, I told the person in my art class, who first told me about KITTEN, that I helped Chloe Chaidez with her chemistry homework and she invited me to her house.

“Are you making this up? Is this a joke?” this person responded.

“No! I’m serious,” I said.

I still don’t think this student believes me.