Eat Israeli Food, Pray at the Western Wall, Love Social Media


I think that Facebook is important because it is the largest social media website, and it is where the most people are so one should pay attention to it.

I like Facebook because I can keep in touch with family and friends on it. I think that making Facebook events are especially important if you want people to come to your club’s events at Creighton.

Image from Master OSM 2011 licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Additionally, I use Facebook because I like to follow pro-Israel journalists and news organizations and share articles and videos to promote the State of Israel.

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That’s me at the Western Wall during a high school trip circa 2013.

For instance, I follow black Zionist Chloé Simone Valdary. I like to share pictures of the Mediterranean in Israel, tourist spots like the Western Wall, Israeli food videos and breaking news, among other topics.

On Facebook, I also like to promote acts of kindness that I do to inspire others. For example, I am a frequent blood donor at the American Red Cross.

I am on Twitter. My Twitter username is @JLL66319. I do not like Twitter because I am more accustomed to using Facebook. Yet, I think Twitter is significant as a professional tool in the field of journalism. On Twitter, I follow people from high school, Creighton students, journalists and news organizations.


I do not like that future employers or other people who have influence in your life may see your posts on social media. If one posts embarrassing photos or harmful words, future employers might not hire you if they do not like what you present on your social media profile. A person could lose their job for posting something critical of their employer.

I do not like that people can judge you for what you post on your social media feed. For instance, a professor (who I might ask for a recommendation letter from someday) sent me a friend request on Facebook. I do not like the idea of a professor looking at my Facebook news feed. What if he thinks that what I post is stupid? How will he judge me based on my Facebook likes and shares? I chose not to deal with this predicament, and I have ignored the request for now. He knows me in real life, and that is good enough for me. Maybe after graduation I will add him on Facebook.

In addition, I do not think that people need social media to stay connected to their friends. People can always text or call each other if they want to get together. I think that people can become too addicted to using social media and not enjoy hanging out with their friends in real life. People can become too preoccupied about how many friends, likes, retweets and followers they have on social media, but at the same time these people should balance their virtual lives and hang out with real friends.

Nevertheless, I sometimes use Facebook messenger to ask my friends if they want to hang out. So, social media has changed communication for me because I use it to connect with friends virtually and in real life. In today’s world, I think that millennials try to maintain a real world identity in addition to an online identity through social media.

I know that time management is important, so my social media habits have changed a lot over the years. I deleted my Facebook account in 2014 because I wanted to spend more time studying and not get distracted by it. In 2015, I remade it because I missed seeing what my friends were up to. I have deactivated my Facebook account many times in order to focus more on homework, only to reactivate it again.


I have stopped using Instagram. I only set up an Instagram to get more entries into a promotional contest for Matisyahu concert tickets. And, no, I did not win them! I do not use Snapchat or Tumblr.

I have a LinkedIn account, but I do not really use it. I need to get better at updating my resume online. Nevertheless, I think it is a good idea to have a LinkedIn account so that you have an online presence that is there all the time for future employers to see when you are looking for a job.

Overall, I hope to become more knowledgeable about social media in this class. I hope this class will prepare me for a job in the future that requires one to have knowledge of social media.