My Life Purpose in A Mere Fifteen Words

My sentence is, “Helper, event planner and Israel advocate who strives to make the world a better place.”


My student sentence encapsulates who I am and who I am becoming. Additionally, I am still searching for which helping career type suits me best which is why I chose the generic “helper” word in my sentence. As for helping careers, I cannot decide if I want to be a social worker someday or something else such as a dietitian. The worksheet, which is filled out below, goes into the process of reaching my sentence. The worksheet helped me get ideas for my sentence in addition.


I like helping other people. I like giving advice. Another strength that I have is that I am good at reading other people’s emotions (e.g. empathy). Reading body language is an important skill for therapists and social workers which is why I am considering going into these helping careers.


I am a borderline ISTP/ISFP. The ISFP personality type is very good at being a director and a manager of projects. I can fit all the pieces of a project together. Perhaps event planning should be a career I should pursue?

For instance, I really want Israeli Defense Soldiers to come to Creighton University for the CU Jew’s Annual Passover Seder Middle Eastern Dinner this year. I feel like it would enhance and ameliorate our Middle Eastern dinner. I know that an organization called StandWithUs has an annual IDF soldiers tour that goes to college campuses; however, the dates of the tour are February 12-26th, 2017 and our Passover Seder is scheduled for March 27th, 2017 from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

“StandWithUs Israeli Soldiers Stories Tour.” YouTube, uploaded by StandWithUs, 21 Nov. 2013,

Unfortunately, the tour was scheduled outside of the time frame of when our campus event was planned. So, I talked to the faculty coordinator of our club and asked if StandWithUs would still agree to send the soldiers to Creighton outside of the time frame. The faculty coordinator of our club said that StandWithUs probably would not agree to coordinate with our club and send the soldiers to campus outside of the time frame of the national tour. I did not accept this answer. I wanted a definite answer from the actual organization.  I knew the faculty coordinator of our club was unaffiliated with StandWithUs, so I contacted the executive director of StandWithUs and asked if the soldiers could come to Creighton outside of the time frame of the tour. He told me that the soldiers could come to campus on the specific date I requested — March 27th — even though it was outside the time frame of the tour. I forwarded this answer to the faculty coordinator of our club, and the faculty coordinator said that he thought it was a great idea and he agreed to have our club allocate funds for this endeavor.

“Hummus (Enhanced)” by Ron Dollete licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Also, I have great ideas for the food that I want to be served for the dinner this year. Last year, I did not think the food was very good that was served at the Passover Seder. For instance, the dessert for the dinner was some sort of fruit topping last year. Who wants fruit for dessert? Don’t most people like cake and cookies? We also served chicken and potatoes … I think we can do better than that! During one of the planning meetings, I criticized the food served last year and suggested alternative food to serve. Since this year is an Israeli themed Passover Seder, I suggested Middle Eastern food like falafel, shawarma, potato latkes, hummus and pita bread. Additionally, I suggested that we serve cake or cookies instead of fruit preserves. I feel like these alternatives are significantly better than the food served last year.

“Falafel”by momo is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I also think it would be a good idea to buy Oreo and Chips Ahoy! mini cookie bags to hand out at promotional tabling events prior to the Middle Eastern dinner we are having. I am going to pitch this idea during a planning meeting that is coming up.

“Shawarma” by cyclonebill is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

I think that our club should also purchase a poster for the Skutt Student Center and buy trifold paper sign holders to put on tabletops in eating areas such as the dining halls located in Skutt, Brandeis and Harper.

Additionally, I think it would be a good idea to have a bone marrow swab drive during the event. Approximately 70% of blood cancer patients cannot find a donor from their immediate family. This is why cancer patients turn to bone marrow registries such as Be The Match and Gift of Life for generous people who will donate their bone marrow or stem cells and save a life. During bone marrow drives, people partake in a simple cheek swab and fill out a form. The DNA from the swab is entered into an international registry. Only one in 430 people will ever be called by the organization to donate. In Judaism, there is a saying that if you save a life, it is as if you have saved the world. This bone marrow drive would also live up to Creighton University’s mission of providing “[s]ervice to others.” I think helping to save other people’s lives is a significant endeavor to pursue. I want to advocate for this idea as well during one of our planning meetings. Even if my idea is rejected, I can still try to organize a bone marrow drive with another organization on campus such as the  Creighton Graduate Student Government which organized a bone marrow drive in 2015 or the Creighton Colleges Against Cancer group.

Another talent that I have is that I am good at rote memorization. Although it takes me a long time to study, I am good at recalling information for tests and exams when I read class lecture notes numerous times. This study habit helps when I have to give a speech. For instance, I participated in the Interfaith Prayer Service at Creighton University in 2015. I memorized the background information that was about “Psalm 121 A Song of Ascents.” I said this information in front of the audience at St. John’s Parish. After the service, many people came up to me and told me that I did a good job reciting the information during the service.

I do not know if this talent is practical, but I am a decent runner. My best time for the 5K was 21:07.5 in high school. I feel like if I really worked at running, then someday I could become a better runner. One of the sports I like playing for leisure is ultimate frisbee, and I have a talent for this sport.


I have always been told that I have a talent for being creative and artistic.


I do not work for a company that is trying to target a audience. The only thing that relates to my life in this context is the planning for the Middle Eastern dinner I am organizing on campus for CU Jews. I think that the people who attend the event want a quality event with good food and entertainment.


As aforementioned, I am a good organizer of events. I can organize all the parts of the event that we need to make the event work well.


Compared to most people’s drawing and design skills, I am very creative and artistic. I am thinking of designing the poster and flyer for our event.


On campus, there are so many organizations with events. Which one should a student go to? I think one of the issues is trying to get people to come to your events. I am a good event planner, so I think word of mouth is always a good way to get people to come to your events.  I am going to utilize the strategy of asking my friends to bring five friends to get more people to come to the event our club is planning. I think free food is always something that helps attract  people to come to a club’s event. Not all tabling events have promotional cookies to give away, so I think by including this aspect it will help get people to come to our club’s event. I also want to see if the Creightonian can write an article to promote this event.


I feel like millennials spend a lot of time online and on social media. Since they gravitate towards social media platforms, it is important to have a sentence that summarizes who one is as a person so that employers can have a glimpse of who they are hiring. It also allows potential Twitter followers to get a better idea of who one is as a person before they start following you.

Many news, advertising and public relations organizations have a sentence on their Twitter accounts. For example, NBC News’s sentence on their Twitter account is, “A leading source of global news and information for more than 75 years.” I feel like the sentence of news organizations is almost like a mission statement that describes the purpose of the organization.

What has stayed the same for news organizations? News organizations, for instance, still report the same news on television, but they increasingly utilize social media platforms to report breaking news.

In sum, everybody has a purpose in their life. Finding who you are meant to be and projecting that to the world in one short sentence is the challenge. So what are you living for?


Eat Israeli Food, Pray at the Western Wall, Love Social Media


I think that Facebook is important because it is the largest social media website, and it is where the most people are so one should pay attention to it.

I like Facebook because I can keep in touch with family and friends on it. I think that making Facebook events are especially important if you want people to come to your club’s events at Creighton.

Image from Master OSM 2011 licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Additionally, I use Facebook because I like to follow pro-Israel journalists and news organizations and share articles and videos to promote the State of Israel.

Example of Alternative text
That’s me at the Western Wall during a high school trip circa 2013.

For instance, I follow black Zionist Chloé Simone Valdary. I like to share pictures of the Mediterranean in Israel, tourist spots like the Western Wall, Israeli food videos and breaking news, among other topics.

On Facebook, I also like to promote acts of kindness that I do to inspire others. For example, I am a frequent blood donor at the American Red Cross.

I am on Twitter. My Twitter username is @JLL66319. I do not like Twitter because I am more accustomed to using Facebook. Yet, I think Twitter is significant as a professional tool in the field of journalism. On Twitter, I follow people from high school, Creighton students, journalists and news organizations.


I do not like that future employers or other people who have influence in your life may see your posts on social media. If one posts embarrassing photos or harmful words, future employers might not hire you if they do not like what you present on your social media profile. A person could lose their job for posting something critical of their employer.

I do not like that people can judge you for what you post on your social media feed. For instance, a professor (who I might ask for a recommendation letter from someday) sent me a friend request on Facebook. I do not like the idea of a professor looking at my Facebook news feed. What if he thinks that what I post is stupid? How will he judge me based on my Facebook likes and shares? I chose not to deal with this predicament, and I have ignored the request for now. He knows me in real life, and that is good enough for me. Maybe after graduation I will add him on Facebook.

In addition, I do not think that people need social media to stay connected to their friends. People can always text or call each other if they want to get together. I think that people can become too addicted to using social media and not enjoy hanging out with their friends in real life. People can become too preoccupied about how many friends, likes, retweets and followers they have on social media, but at the same time these people should balance their virtual lives and hang out with real friends.

Nevertheless, I sometimes use Facebook messenger to ask my friends if they want to hang out. So, social media has changed communication for me because I use it to connect with friends virtually and in real life. In today’s world, I think that millennials try to maintain a real world identity in addition to an online identity through social media.

I know that time management is important, so my social media habits have changed a lot over the years. I deleted my Facebook account in 2014 because I wanted to spend more time studying and not get distracted by it. In 2015, I remade it because I missed seeing what my friends were up to. I have deactivated my Facebook account many times in order to focus more on homework, only to reactivate it again.


I have stopped using Instagram. I only set up an Instagram to get more entries into a promotional contest for Matisyahu concert tickets. And, no, I did not win them! I do not use Snapchat or Tumblr.

I have a LinkedIn account, but I do not really use it. I need to get better at updating my resume online. Nevertheless, I think it is a good idea to have a LinkedIn account so that you have an online presence that is there all the time for future employers to see when you are looking for a job.

Overall, I hope to become more knowledgeable about social media in this class. I hope this class will prepare me for a job in the future that requires one to have knowledge of social media.