Telling It Like It Is: What I Thought About Journalism 327 Social Media Class at Creighton University


My favorite part of the semester was when we came up with our “sentence.” I thought it was such an excellent idea. I learned so much about myself through introspection about what makes me tick and what career fields I might like to pursue in the future.

The sentence I came up for myself was, “Helper, event planner and Israel advocate who strives to make the world a better place.”

I think it would be cool to explore the career field of being an event planner. Interestingly, there is an event planning internship in Israel through Masa Israel Journey. In the future, I am considering partaking on this internship to see if this is an avenue I would like to pursue.

“Event Planning Internships Abroad with Masa Israel Journey,” YouTube. uploaded by Masa Israel, 15 Mar., 2012,


I liked hearing about the real world applications of this class. For example, we got to hear Amanda Brandt speak about Chartbeat, In addition, I liked that our class got to go on a field trip to the Nebraska Humane Society and hear what it is like to run social media for this organization from Elizabeth Hilpipre.


Additionally, I really liked developing a personal brand. I thought that this was the most valuable part of the class. If I hadn’t taken JRM 327, would I have ever set up a LinkedIn account on my own? Would I have ever developed my Twitter account and increased my followers? Because I took this class, I got to develop my personal brand on both of these social media platforms.


I wish that we could have watched an excellent journalism themed movie. I know that we watched the “BMW Film 1: Ambush ft. BMW 740i” YouTube video, but I think that video was really short.

“BMW Film 1: Ambush ft. BMW 740i,” YouTube. uploaded by BVP1982, 17 Mar., 2008,

I think that we should have watched longer movies. In Jeff and Rich’s journalism classes, we always watched a movie that taught our class lessons about journalism. Perhaps there could be movie extra credit? I know that in Rich’s class, he gives extra credit for watching and writing a reflection on the movie “All the President’s Men.”

Even if it was just a laid back discussion in class after the movie without extra credit, I think that this idea is something that students would be genuinely interested in. Perhaps the students could vote on which movie that they would like to watch that pertains to journalism or social media.

Pie day was really cool. I feel like it would be cool to have desserts or baked goods during a movie day in class. Perhaps there could be a potluck where everyone brings something?


I was looking at the NEST and I noticed that this social media class was being offered in the summer.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.14.04 PM
Creighton NEST Class Listing of JRM 327 Social Media for the Online Distance Format of this Course

One question I have is, “Are the students going to be required to give a presentation?” How can you give a presentation in an online class? Is there going to be a Skype video chat of the presentation?

I understand why there would not be a presentation. An online class is designed to work around distance student’s schedules. Furthermore, most Creighton students live outside of Nebraska. It’s not like they can just drive to campus to fulfill the in-person presentation part of this class.

Nevertheless, if there will not be a presentation component to this class in the summer, I feel like the students will have it much easier than we did during the in-person class. At the same time, the professor who will be teaching this class in the summer might have a substitute assignment such as a discussion post or a paper instead of a presentation. I suppose this might make up for not having the students do an in-person presentation.


Overall, this class was #jmcawesome!





My Life Purpose in A Mere Fifteen Words

My sentence is, “Helper, event planner and social justice advocate who strives to make the world a better place.”


My student sentence encapsulates who I am and who I am becoming. Additionally, I am still searching for which helping career type suits me best which is why I chose the generic “helper” word in my sentence. As for helping careers, I cannot decide if I want to be a social worker someday or something else such as a dietitian. The worksheet, which is filled out below, goes into the process of reaching my sentence. The worksheet helped me get ideas for my sentence in addition.


I like helping other people. I like giving advice. Another strength that I have is that I am good at reading other people’s emotions (e.g. empathy). Reading body language is an important skill for therapists and social workers which is why I am considering going into these helping careers.


I’m a decent runner. My best time for the 5K was 21:07.5 in high school. I feel like if I really worked at running, then someday I could become a better runner. One of the sports I like playing for leisure is ultimate frisbee, and I have a talent for this sport.

Additionally, I have a passion for helping cancer patients and would love to partner with local organizations to organize bone marrow registration drives in the community. Approximately 70% of blood cancer patients cannot find a donor from their immediate family. This is why cancer patients turn to bone marrow registries such as Be The Match and Gift of Life for generous people who will donate their bone marrow or stem cells and save a life. During bone marrow drives, people partake in a simple cheek swab and fill out a form. The DNA from the swab is entered into an international registry. Only one in 430 people will ever be called by the organization to donate. In Judaism, there is a saying that if you save a life, it is as if you have saved the world. This bone marrow drive would also live up to Creighton University’s mission of providing “[s]ervice to others.” I think helping to save other people’s lives is a significant endeavor to pursue. I want to advocate for this idea as well during one of our planning meetings. Even if my idea is rejected, I can still try to organize a bone marrow drive with another organization on campus such as the  Creighton Graduate Student Government which organized a bone marrow drive in 2015 or the Creighton Colleges Against Cancer group.

I am a borderline ISTP/ISFP. The ISFP personality type is very good at being a director and a manager of projects. I can fit all the pieces of a project together. Perhaps event planning should be a career I should pursue?

Another talent that I have is that I am good at rote memorization. Although it takes me a long time to study, I am good at recalling information for tests and exams when I read class lecture notes numerous times. This study habit helps when I have to give a speech. For instance, I participated in the Interfaith Prayer Service at Creighton University in 2015. I memorized the background information that was about “Psalm 121 A Song of Ascents.” I said this information in front of the audience at St. John’s Parish. After the service, many people came up to me and told me that I did a good job reciting the information during the service.


I have always been told that I have a talent for being creative and artistic.


I do not work for a company that is trying to target a audience. The only thing that relates to my life in this context is the planning for the Middle Eastern dinner I am organizing on campus for CU Jews. I think that the people who attend the event want a quality event with good food and entertainment.


As aforementioned, I am a good organizer of events. I can organize all the parts of the event that we need to make the event work well.


Compared to most people’s drawing and design skills, I am very creative and artistic. I am thinking of designing the poster and flyer for our event.


On campus, there are so many organizations with events. Which one should a student go to? I think one of the issues is trying to get people to come to your events. I am a good event planner, so I think word of mouth is always a good way to get people to come to your events.  I am going to utilize the strategy of asking my friends to bring five friends to get more people to come to the event our club is planning. I think free food is always something that helps attract  people to come to a club’s event. Not all tabling events have promotional cookies to give away, so I think by including this aspect it will help get people to come to our club’s event. I also want to see if the Creightonian can write an article to promote this event.


I feel like millennials spend a lot of time online and on social media. Since they gravitate towards social media platforms, it is important to have a sentence that summarizes who one is as a person so that employers can have a glimpse of who they are hiring. It also allows potential Twitter followers to get a better idea of who one is as a person before they start following you.

Many news, advertising and public relations organizations have a sentence on their Twitter accounts. For example, NBC News’s sentence on their Twitter account is, “A leading source of global news and information for more than 75 years.” I feel like the sentence of news organizations is almost like a mission statement that describes the purpose of the organization.

What has stayed the same for news organizations? News organizations, for instance, still report the same news on television, but they increasingly utilize social media platforms to report breaking news.

In sum, everybody has a purpose in their life. Finding who you are meant to be and projecting that to the world in one short sentence is the challenge. So what are you living for?